Our company was founded in 2008 in Munich / Germany. Since 2010 we offer our services in all of Turkey.
Mobile use of the electrolysis process makes it possible - now metal objects can be in any size, ranging from cell phones to luxury car, garnished with 24 carat gold. But also silver, platinum and chrome are the new technology on all metal surfaces possible, even on objects made of aluminum. It does not matter whether the object mounted large or small, solid or composed of many individual parts.

Unlike the conventional electroplating process, wherein the objects to be coated in a bath by electrolysis with the noble metal, in the new method, the electrodes themselves, the mobile tool. Regardless of the size of a dip tank can arbitrarily large objects as well as permanently mounted elements such as moldings are finished to the car. The electrode is like a paintbrush to move freely, so that in a careful hand the precious metal layer can be applied.

Another key advantage over previous methods is the quality and strength of the gold layer. Instead of the usual 18-carat gold is 24 karat edition possible and offer exceptionally high quality optics. The precious metal layer instead of the usual 3 my a support level of 30 my and thus providing maximum quality, durability and longevity, including comprehensive cold and heat resistance. The price is calculated from the bearing surface, including a guarantee of quality and durability.

Relite Gold

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